Focus CC macros

Here’re the basic steps to “simplify” chaining crowd control (CC) onto a focus target.

  • When you hear the focus target called out right click on the focus target on the Battleground Targets or Gladius frames.
    • You may have to reset it for targets that can go into stealth like priests, rogues, druids, etc.
  • If you’re in arena try to agree on a crowd control order. For example:
    • Warrior uses Stormbolt to stun a healer, then
    • Hunter uses Freezing Trap on the stunned healer, then
    • Healer uses their crowd control on the trapped healer.
  • Try to save your CCs for this chain when you have your burst ready.
  • I use the LoseControl addon to see when the previous CC is about to expire.
    • More on that in another post, including issues of diminishing returns.
  • Use a focus macro to cast your CC. Here’s how to make a very basic but powerful one for Blind:
    • /m to open your Create Macros window
    • Click on new to create a new macro and type in the following:
      • #showtooltip
      • /cast [@focus] Blind
    • You would replace Blind with the CC for your toon
    • Save, then drag the icon onto your action bars
  • When it’s your turn to CC the focus target all you have to do is hit that icon/key on your action bar.

If you want to get past that 1500 “hump” and to 1750 then communication is very important. Calling CC chains will increase your win chance a lot.


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