Addons to consider

I recommend trying a few at a time to see if they help.

BG Defender: “BG Defender (Based on AB Defender) gives you a little movable window with buttons to announce the number of incoming enemies at the base you’re defending in most battlegrounds. There are also buttons to call for help or announce the base you’re defending is safe. BG Defender will automatically pop up when entering a battleground and close after you leave.”

Capping Battleground Timers: Final score estimates and time, plus more.

Class Announcer: “When you change target, if the targetted unit is an enemy player, the addon will announce the class of that player. Can be useful in battlegrounds as quick confirmation of a player class without having to look down at the tooltip”

Enhanced BG Zone Map: Good map to keep open during battlegrounds.

GladiatorlosSA: Good enough for some people to call for it to be banned. I used to use it a lot. ”

This is a special addon, it has no interface, but it can speak. It is SOUND ALERT addon leads you to become GLADIATOR, so having the name GladiatorlosSA.

This addon will alert spells using customized voice. For example, when you are in BG or arena, an enemy uses his pvp trinket, a voice of “Trinket” will come out. It can alert many spells(100+), each spell can be selected on or off.”

Gladius: Other versions include Gladius v3 and Gladius Ex. “Gladius adds enemy unit frames to arenas for easier targeting and focusing. It is highly configurable and you can disable most features of this addon.”

Gnosis: I use this to time my interrupts so I don’t get juked by casters. “Gnosis is a highly configurable castbar and single timer addon. Gnosis can show ticks of channeled spells, detect unintentional clipping while channeling and combine data of channeled spells to combat text addons (MSBT, SCT, Parrot). It also allows to create buff, debuff, and cooldown (spell, rune, item) timers with a similar set of options castbars have.”

Healers have to die: “HHTD automatically adds healer symbols on top of players nameplate indicating their class and healing rank. Unlike other add-ons it only takes into account actively healing players.”

LiteAssist: Highly recommended. “LiteAssist is a very basic addon to replace the standard /assist macro. It lets you set a unit (a player, pet or NPC) that the mod remembers. When you push the assist key, it causes you to attack the same thing as that unit. It changes your target (what you are attacking) to be the same as their target. LiteAssist provides extra key bindings to learn who to assist and to assist them. You can (and must to use this addon) set them up via the WoW Keyboard Options menu.”

LoseControl: Not available through Curse. Hasn’t been updated in ages but it still works. I use it to time when to cast my crowd control when the prior one is about to expire.

MoveAnything: “MoveAnything enables you to move, scale, hide and adjust transparency of just about any screen element in WoW, offering tools to help you customize your UI.” You want to customize your UI? This is the tool.

PvPTimer: Want to know when the other team is ready to burst on you? “PvPTimer is a cooldown tracker for PvP combat. It’s very similar to Afflicted.”

RecountCC: “Shows the number of Crowd Control effects that a player has used, and who they have used them on. For most AoE CC effects (For example Psychic Scream) it will count each player it affects rather than the number of times it is used.”

SayKarma: If a monk uses Touch of Karma everyone must stop hitting them. I’ve killed my healer when bursting on a monk during Touch of Karma.

Shadowed Unit Frames: Easily move, size and configure the unit frames.

Target Health Percent: Simple, small window to show how much health your target has left.

TellMeWhen: Very powerful, customizable with a learning curve. For example, TellMeWhen tells Fraxxure when an enemy is casting a select set of spells (e.g. crowd control, chaos bolts, etc.) and has Mass Spell Reflect available. Always fun to watch a warlock kill themselves with a Chaos Bolt.

Tidy Plates: “Tidy Plates enhances World of Warcraft’s floating health bars – commonly known as ‘nameplates’ – and provides a flexible theme system which can be used to create your own design. This download comes with several theme packages, but alternatives are available”

Zone Map Class Colors: “Shows class colored blips on the zone mini map and a black circle inside a blip when that person is in combat.”




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