Positioning in RBGs

I know that “certain” melee like to overextend and get the whole group into trouble. But here’s the basics of what we should be doing.


  • Always try to be near an obstacle; if you’re in the open you’re likely to be targeted.
  • Preferably our melee will be between you and the enemy casters.
  • Healers should partner with a DPS caster and stay near each other.
  • If you start taking a lot of damage then get behind the obstacle to LOS (line-of-sight) the enemy casters. Don’t think you need to heal the group or DPS on the kill target at this time.
    • Example: Stay very close to the hut at Waterworks. You can go inside or run to the backside if you get into trouble.
    • If it’s a melee on you then your DPS caster partner can CC and kill them.
    • If it’s just casters then you can wait for them to change targets.
  • Tell your melee to pull back if they get out of range.


  • Try not to hit the enemy in the back of their group. If it was the original kill target then the target caller should switch to someone else.
  • If a melee attacks try to drag them back towards our casters and away from their healers.
  • DKs should be gripping overextended enemy players into our group.
  • It’s OK to be patient. If they’re not after your flag carrier (FC) and not on the flag then there’s no need to be aggressive.
  • Listen when your healers need you to come back (Fraxxure).
  • Preferably, we will have a melee (rogue, warrior, DK, monk) spinning the flag. Ask someone to take over if you’re going to die.


  • Get behind our healers.
  • It’s OK to turn around and go the “wrong way” if the closest group to you is the enemy. The farther they have to chase the more likely we’ll kill their flag carrier.

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