Arena initial kill targets

Here’re my current thoughts. Please review and comment. Most comps will have one of the following. I listed them in order of who to pick as your initial target. Remember, if an enemy uses their trinket they likely become your kill target. If an enemy runs behind a pillar they might be the best target.

  1. Warlock pet
  2. Warlock
  3. Resto sham (after shutting down initial burst [e.g., feral])
  4. Mage
  5. Shadow priest
  6. Resto druid
  7. Double burst melee (e.g., warrior, enhance shaman, rogue, feral) hit the target that overextends
  8. Boomies
  9. Hunters
  10. Other healers
  11. Single melee

Targets according to Joefernandes

Here’s a list from Joefernandes from a turbo comp perspective. I think it mostly works for any comp.

  • LSD: pet>lock or rdruid (optimal target [OT])
  • MLS: pet>lock or mage (OT)
  • RMP: mage
  • RMD: druid
  • Ebola: DK or feral (OT)
  • WW/DK: pally>dk if you can’t hit pally
  • Shatter: mage or spriest (OT)
  • Destro MLP: lock or mage (OT)
  • Turbo: rdruid
  • Jungle: feral on burst or healer in trouble then rshaman
  • Melee/lock/shaman: pet>lock if dark soul>shaman
  • Ret/hunter/shaman: rshaman
  • Rogue/boomie/priest: boomie

OT means you hit whatever target you can reach.


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