RBG Team Composition

Here’s the link to a Skill-Capped article on the “ideal” composition.

Guess what? Our “red group” team really doesn’t match up. But just last night we easily won Deepwind Gorge with a strategy that would maximize the value of this type of composition. Here’s what we did at center mine:

  1. We only had melee on that center island near the flag.
  2. We had all of the healers and casters behind us and just in range of the flag.
  3. We paired up our healers with a caster that would help peel for each other.
  4. We would only attack enemy players that overextended and tried to cap the flag or get behind our melee and attack our casters.
  5. We normally weren’t targeting healers. Instead, we were draining their mana by putting big damage into their overextended DPS.
  6. Once they were low on mana we then extended and killed their DPS.
  7. Boring for me defending the flag but a very effective strategy.

We used similar positioning in other battlegrounds very effectively, including Twin Peaks.


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