Healers: Preferably mistweavers and holy priests. Can substitute one of those with a different healer if you know they’re particularly good.


  • Vengeance DH by far the best option. Alternative:  guardian druid > protection warrior


  • Need to have a target caller: frost DK preferred Alternative: ret pally or arms warrior
  • Subtlety rogue
  • Another DH that can run as havoc or vengeance. Great for double running flags, base sitting, or just dealing damage. Alternative: another rogue


  • Shadow priest + affliction lock +(balance druid or elemental shaman or marksmanship hunter)

That’s not the only composition that works, that’s simply a very good one and is seen quite commonly.

Generally speaking, you want to have a mix of abilities, including:

  • Healing debuff from arms warriors, assassination rogues, hunter pets, and windwalkers
  • Offensive dispels, particularly from shamans
  • A mix of crowd control; try to avoid being very heavy with stuns
  • Dispel protection, such as combining the affliction warlock with the shadow priest