Here’s the macro, using a warrior’s Stormbolt as an example:

#showtooltip Stormbolt
/cast [mod,@target] Stormbolt
/cast [@focustargetfocustarget, exists][@focus,exists] Stormbolt

Here’s what each line does:

Line 1:Show the Stormbolt graphic when you put the macro on your action bar
Line 2: If you press any modifier key,such as CTRL or ALT, it will cast Stormbolt at your target
Line 3 is where it gets fun:

If you partner with another player or two you can decide on who will start the crowd control chain. For example, warrior starts the chain with a Stormbolt (CC class: Stun), then the hunter will Freezing Trap (Incapacitate), followed by the druid using Cyclone (Disorient). This allows you to use three crowd control abilities on the same target without any diminishing returns (e.g., using CCs of the same class too soon will result in short duration CCs).

Here’s how you would use the macro to make this easier.

  1. The hunter and druid set their focus to the warrior.
  2. The warrior then would set the enemy player they want to CC as their focus.
  3. Anytime the hunter or druid hits their macro they will automatically be using their crowd control on the warrior’s focus target.
  4. The warrior can change focus targets at any time and the hunter and druid would not need to worry about changing their focus.

In battlegrounds, you could use this with a single partner just as well.

I use the LoseControl add-on to show me when the focus target is about to come out of crowd control. I am considering using the TellMeWhen addon to do that. It can be set up to give you a sound or even a voice notification to use your crowd control.