Unique class/spec features

Here’s a few key things about rogues that make them useful:

  1. You can continue to damage a target that has been hit by a rogue with Cheap Shot and Kidney Shot. Many CCs will break on damage.
  2. With Nerve Strike, their CCs also decrease the damage and healing that the target can do
  3. With Prey on the Weak, their CCs increase the damage taken by the target, that’s why you want to target what the rogue is attacking.
  4. In other words, a rogue wants to do as many CCs as possible, including getting restealths whenever possible. Healers can help by dispelling them so they can leave combat.
  5. Rogues, along with hunters and warriors (not prot), will be your primary class for applying the healing debuff on the target. Other classes really can’t or aren’t good at that.
  6. A class that can burst right away on the opener rather than waiting for ramp up time. It’s why they work very well with mages.

Please comment with tips about your class/spec.


3 thoughts on “Unique class/spec features

  1. Key protection warrior features:
    1. Glyph allows them to dispel the kill target every ~6 seconds.
    2. Can outduel most anything other than a hunter or mage.
    3. Higher sustained damage than arms or fury, but lower burst.
    4. Works very well with hunters (i.e., African Turtle Cleave).


  2. Shadow Priest PvP:

    1. Very high, sustained dps for as long as you can free cast and be left alone.
    2. A chart topping dps/kills class.
    3. Fast paced casting dps that always keeps you busy.
    4. Single targets without heals melt quickly.

    1. You have limited CC, mostly just silencing and short stuns (a fear that helps some but you usually have to be out of position to use it).
    2. Your dps can get low if you get focused or CC’d.
    3. You will get focused or CC’d as priority target A LOT.
    4. You can die very quickly and will not do well against anyone good at 1vs1 unless you can blow them up quick enough.
    5. Not much AOE or multi-target potential.
    6. You break CC such as sheep/hex if you are cranking out your full dps potential using Cascade.

    Shadow can currently be played two main ways, dots (damage over time) or no dots. If you go the lesser played route of dots, you should probably consider a warlock right now. The most common and top leaderboard way that I have seen has been the no dot method involving using the Clarity of Power talent. This talent turns your Mind Blast into an instant cast and gives your mind spike a 40% increase in power if the target does not have your dots on them.

    Essentially you want to use Mind Blast at all times when it is off of cooldown and use Mind Spike as a filler. You will never use Mind Flay with this approach (you could if you left Devouring Plague dot up but that feels more PvE to me). You only use Mind Sear when trying to use AOE on an ally to break the enemy out of stealth or to (very poorly) spin flag.

    So rotation would be something like: Mind Blast, Cascade, Mind Spike. As you have orbs, you use them to stun with Psychic Horror as it is needed/available and use Devouring Plague when you are pushing damage or want to burst. If you have to move or change targets, you can throw some dots on the target as you switch. I often don’t even find time to dot off targets because it is lost dps when you can be blowing something up free casting. The exception is if I have to be moving or if I want to build some instant casts for extra burst from the Surge of Darkness talent that gives free Mind Spikes from Vampiric Touch. Another exception is if I am running near a Warlock because you work well together layering dots that will make a mess of healers if they dispel.

    So benefits from this approach are super high dps that can burst hard but mostly be sustained damage for as long as they let you free cast. This is a much faster and more satisfying style of dps if you prefer instant results and an all or nothing approach to casting. You will always show in the top region of the total damage and can usually easily take top kills if you are quick enough with Shadow Word: Death.

    The down side to spriest in general right now is that you will die very quickly if they do focus on you and your dps falls down to half when you can not get time to cast the Mind Spike filler. All you can really do is time your dispersion to reduce damage but even then, it usually paints a bigger target on you once you use it. I break targeting as much as I can with the Spectral Guise talent. Even if I don’t move, it helps create some chaos of dropping you as their target (similar to a hunter feigning death.) I also use Shadowmeld in a similar way to confuse targeting and drop pet aggro when I can. Another downside is using Cascade will not flow smoothly with some dps classes such as mage because it spreads around and can break cc. It is tough to not use Cascade though because it will usually equal 40%+ of your overall damage as well.

    Some final thoughts on the Shadow Priest for PvP:

    It has been years since I have focused on dps in PvP much at a competitive level. When I was a competitive dps player, I was primarily melee. My method is not perfect and fits to my play style more than theorycrafting. I usually do well as a dps based on years of experience playing the game and anticipating more than I do from mastering the class. This is more of a summary of how to get to a competitive level with a Shadow Priest. There are tons of more thorough guides and videos out there that can specialize you to specific comps and situations beyond this. Take this as an open minded approach to how I make Shadow work for me with the understanding that I consider myself to be much stronger at healing in pvp.

    Donation for this summary will be accepted in the form of Left Sharks mailed directly to Tolerance.



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