Here’s a few key things about rogues that make them useful:

  1. You can continue to damage a target that has been hit by a rogue with Cheap Shot and Kidney Shot. Many CCs will break on damage.
  2. With Nerve Strike, their CCs also decrease the damage and healing that the target can do
  3. With Prey on the Weak, their CCs increase the damage taken by the target, that’s why you want to target what the rogue is attacking.
  4. In other words, a rogue wants to do as many CCs as possible, including getting restealths whenever possible. Healers can help by dispelling them so they can leave combat.
  5. Rogues, along with hunters and warriors (not prot), will be your primary class for applying the healing debuff on the target. Other classes really can’t or aren’t good at that.
  6. A class that can burst right away on the opener rather than waiting for ramp up time. It’s why they work very well with mages.

Please comment with tips about your class/spec.