Basic strategy for flag-carrying maps

  • Try to have two rogues on your team. The flag-carrier (FC)rogue should use stamina trinkets, Combat Readiness, Elusiveness, Glyph of Cloak of Shadows and Glyph of Blurred Speed.
  • Why two rogues?
    • If the enemy leaves players to defend the flag, particularly a hunter, our FC should call for the other rogue to come and help get the flag out.
      • If one defender, then use crowd control to shut them down.
      • If a hunter, then non-FC rogue will trigger the trap then attack the hunter so the FC can grab and run.
      • If two defenders it’s usually best for a non-FC rogue to grab the flag, pop defensive CDs and run as far as possible. The FC flag will grab and run a different direction when they kill the first rogue.
    • If they don’t have someone defend the flag then the non-FC rogue can defend our flag.
  • Rest of team will push as far as possible toward the enemy tunnel or mid-ramp and try to burst down as many of the enemy as possible. Top players tend to hit ~40k DPS in these team fights.
  • Once rogue gets by the enemy find and kill the enemy FC (EFC).
  • If both flag carriers get to their base then split as follows:
    • Our flag room:
      • Two healers, preferably disc priest, holy paladin, mistweaver or resto shaman. Be sure to call out your major defensive cooldowns.
      • Two DPS with good AoE and control such as affliction locks and arms warriors.
    • The kill team is everyone else. Ideally, you have classes with high on-demand burst (e.g., rogue, mage), spammable CCs (druids, mages) and mobility.
      • Choose two players to focus on EFC; for example, a rogue and mage can burst every 30 seconds. This is also why most top teams pick two subtlety rogues in order to burst more often.
      • The others should focus primarily on crowd controlling the healers.
    • If our team has wiped in the middle then our FC should run the flag to our graveyard.
      • If three people die in the mid-fight the others should try to die as soon in order to group up at the graveyard.

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