• Get the Kotmogu Debuff addon, easy way to see stacks on your own team.
  • Picking up an orb and dying within in 5 seconds will give your team 0 points and the enemy 10 points. That’s why top teams have been staying as a group and focusing on killing orb carriers. They pick up only when the orb spawns near their group.
  • Carrying orbs generates points every 5 seconds:
    • Middle: 5
    • Upstairs: 4
    • Garden (outside the entrances): 3
    • It’s easier to control 3 orbs in the Upstairs (12 points every 5 seconds) than 2 orbs in the Middle (10 points every 5 seconds)
  • Healing priority: Other healers > orb carriers with less than 250 stacks. Generally, don’t bother healing orb carriers with >250 stacks. Better to use your healing to keep the rest of the team alive.
  • Orb carriers with <250 stacks:
    • Stay behind the main group if possible, but only if well out of range of enemy team.
    • Run to the Garden if they’re coming after you. If you die it will be easier for us to pick up the orb.
    • Get on the stairs if no enemy on you but start kiting early to avoid damage.
  • Orb carriers with >250 stacks have two goals:
    • Drag enemy melee into the middle and die, making it harder for them to pick up orbs and stay in their group.
    • Use the damage increase from the stacks to kill an orb carrier, get the berserker buff if possible and go for a one-shot kill.
  • Set a kill team: usually burst classes such as DK, warrior and rogue.
    • Kill team focuses on defending our orb carriers until enemy orb carrier has 100 stacks
  • Everyone picks up orbs, but faster classes preferred for better kiting.


  • Two possible approaches; both use a rogue to cloak through the middle and get behind their orb carriers
  • Option 1: Have 2 fast players grab orbs and kite away from the enemy, this includes running way to the Garden on the orange and purple side if necessary. Rest of team stays grouped and kills orb carriers.
  • Option 2: Don’t pick up orbs initially, all 10 shroud into their team and kill an orb carrier. Usually want to get behind them.
    • Continue to kill their team, particularly as they come in from the graveyard.


  • Only go into the middle in the following scenarios:
    • You have >250 stacks and are dragging melee into the middle
    • Other team is terrible and we can stack in mid
    • Kill team to kill orb carrier with >100 stacks
  • If you have 3 orbs then group up and move to the orb spawn point for the carrier (enemy or team) with the most stacks, that one is going to be up next.
  • If you have all 4 orbs get to the Garden near the closest purple or orange graveyard. The orb carrier with the most stacks should be as far away from the enemy as possible.
    • Guard the entrances to the graveyard area.