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PvP Talents

Building around Thief’s Bargain in row 6 of the Honor Talents seems to provide gameplay focused on BIG burst out of stealth then getting back to stealth quickly to reset.

Here’s the Thief’s Bargain that you get:

  • 20% increased damage while in stealth
  • LOSING 25% of your maximum health in exchange
  • But you can Vanish every 30 seconds, with Soothing Darkness I find that my survivability is pretty good

So hit hard out of stealth and into Shadow Dance, then stealth and wait for your health and energy to return.

Row 1:In RBGs, I will likely take was taking Relentless due to the number of crowd control effects that might be thrown at you. With the change from a 25% to a 20% reduction, I’m considering using Gladiator’s Medallion. In an arena, Gladiator’s Medallion. Otherwise, something like a polymorph will trigger Adaptation and then you won’t have your trinket when you need to escape.

Row 2: Assuming you’ll often open with full health then Hardiness might be the best choice. Reinforced Armor to increase your maximum health by 10% which in turn increases your self-healing by 10%. Potentially, Sparring against melee teams.

Row 3: Silhouette allows a 15-second cooldown, down from 30 seconds, if you Shadowstep to an ally. Maneuverability in RBGs to  remove movement-impairing effects when you Sprint (e.g., for flag carriers). It also works with an artifact trait to allow you sprint which will then cause you to vanish and allow you to cap a flag in stealth.

Row 4: Shadow’s Caress increases your cooldown recovery by 30% when in stealth. Another good reason to get back into stealth for a quicker burst reset.

Row 5: All look viable. I’m starting with Cold Blood. Cheap Shot or Shadow Strike will take 10% of the target’s total health.


Tier 15: Master of Subtlety gives 10% extra damage in stealth and for 6 seconds afterward. I’m not sure about finisher priorities but here’s my guess (highest to lowest):

  1. Death from Above (Tier 100 talent)battlegrounds.
  2. Nightblade: Does more overall damage than Eviscerate, but it’s spread over time and is dispellable.
  3. Eviscerate

Tier 30: Initially, I thought Nightstalker to make Shadow Strike and Cheap Shot hit harder but the PvP stat multipliers reduced it significantly.  I didn’t need Shadow Focus to avoid being energy starved during Shadow Dance since I go with Vigor. Subterfuge is always a good choice.

Try to open with Cheap Shot (see Tier 75 below).

Tier 45: Going with Vigor for 50 more base Energy and faster regeneration. Subtlety rogues tend to be energy starved, which is another reason you won’t be tunneling a target.

Tier 60: Soothing Darkness which heals you while in stealth, including Shadow Dance. Consider combining with Reinforced Armor for additional self-healing.

Tier 75: Prey on the Weak for 10% extra damage from all sources while your Cheap Shot opener has the target disabled.

Tier 90: Premeditation for the extra combo point from your opener, want to get to 6 combo points in the first 6 seconds in order to maximize Death from Above damage.

Tier 100: All three look viable. I’m starting with Master of Shadows to gain 30 energy every time I go into stealth or use Shadow Dance.

Other Things I Found Interesting

  • Shadow Blades: 3 min cd; 15 seconds of giving an extra combo point from combo point generators. The shadow damage is dispellable.
  • Backstab: can use from any position but damage increases by 30% if behind the target.
  • Can make and use Crimson Vials. Restores 30% of health over 6 seconds.Usable every 30 seconds.
  • Kick has a 15 second cd.
  • Tricks of the Trade is back! Give your ally and yourself 6 seconds of 15% increased damage before coming out of stealth.
  • Shadow Strike allows you to “step” to a target within 25 yards.
  • Symbols of Death: Make sure to refresh. Lasts 35 seconds and increases your damage by 20%. Also, it makes your next Shadow Strike an automatic critical strike.
  • Shadow Dance is now 3 seconds of stealth abilities. You get 3 charges with a 1-minute recharge.
  • Blind still has a short 15-yard range.