PvP Talents

Building around Phantom Assassin in row 6 of the Honor Talents seems to provide a lot of uptime for Shadow Dance.

Here’s Phantom Assassin:

  • Increases duration of Shadow Dance by 3 seconds
  • Automatically trigger Symbols of Death when you enter stealth, including Shadow Dance

Row 1: Gladiator’s Medallion, if you have Every Man for Himself  (EMFH). Use EMFH for stuns. Otherwise, consider Relentless since it will reduce the duration of all crowd control by 25%. The orc racial further improves that to 45%.

Row 2: Reinforced Armor to increase your maximum health by 10% since it will increase the value of your healing while in stealth, including Shadow Dance. Sparring if you’re facing a mostly melee group.

Row 3: Cut to the Chase to catch your enemy and stop fast (e.g., demon hunter) enemy flag carriers.

Row 4: Shadow’s Caress increases your cooldown recovery by 30% when in stealth. This build will have you in stealth a lot. But all three seem viable depending on the situation. Honor Among Thieves may be best in RBGs if you’re in the team fight most of the time. Haven’t been using Smoke Bomb, though I wish I had it for a few attempted kills on EFCs.

Row 5: All look viable. I’m starting with Cold Blood. Cheap Shot or Shadow Strike will take 10% of the target’s total health. Like Honor Among Thieves, Dagger in the Dark may be best if you’re in the team fight. Haven’t tried Veil of Midnight, which gives a 100% dodge for 2 seconds after leaving stealth, including Shadow Dance. But I spend 59% of my fight time in Shadow Dance so I’m not sure I want to give up the ~500k hits from Cold Blood.


Tier 15: Master of Subtlety gives 10% extra damage in stealth and for 6 seconds afterward.

Tier 30: I’m going with Subterfuge for the extra 2 seconds of Shadow Dance and 3 seconds of stealth abilities afterward. With Vigor you won’t be energy starved.

Tier 45: Need lots of energy for this build, so going with Vigor for 50 more base Energy and faster regeneration. Subtlety rogues tend to be energy starved.

Tier 60: I had been running Elusiveness even with the 40% reduction in PvP. But it costs 35 energy. In a 1-minute fight, Soothing Darkness, which heals you while in stealth, would heal me for 60% of my total health. That’s ~1.6 million mitigated. If I’m facing 150k dps for 1 minute, and keep Elusiveness up the whole time, I’m spending 420 energy in order to mitigate essentially the same amount. Going Soothing Darkness now.

Tier 75: Prey on the Weak

Tier 90: Premeditation for the extra combo point from your opener.

Tier 100: Master of Shadows to gain 30 energy every time you go into stealth or use Shadow Dance.  Death from Above only increases damage by 25% in PvP, down from 50% in PvE.

Overall Priority

  1. Get into Stealth
  2. If you have a choice, target specs that hate rogues the most
    1. DPS casters > healers > melee
      1. Easier to kill a DPS caster and cc the healer than vice-versa
    2. Set a focus target, usually a healer, but sometimes a high dps
      1. Prioritize kidney shot for focus target, Cheap Shot for kill target
  3. I typically save Vanish for when I’m in danger of dying, plus I macro it with Cloak of Shadows so I can stay in stealth. Not necessary if your healer keeps you dispelled.

Damage Spell Priority

Single Target

  1. Primary goal is to have lots of energy before Shadow Dance or Shadow Blades
  2. Nightblade at 5 combo points
  3. Shadow Blades, if available. Don’t overlap with Shadow Dance.
  4. Shadow Dance at >= 90 energy and 1 cp
    1. Not only can you Kick casts, you can “kick” using Cheap Shot during Shadow Dance
  5. Shadowstrike at < 5 combo points
  6. Goremaw’s Bite during Shadow Dance
  7. Eviscerate at 5 combo points
  8. Shadow Blades if 0 combo points and >= 100 energy, don’t use Shadow Dance during blades
  9. Backstab


  1. Replace Shadowstrike with Shuriken Storm during Shadow Dance for a 200% damage increase.


Here’s a link to the first 16 ranks I’m planning to select