Here’s the blue post on current stat adjustments for PvP. These can significantly change how your toon performs in PvP as compared to a training dummy.

The PvP Tooltips addon will add this information to your tooltips.

For example, here’s the current adjustments for rogues:

Spell Multipliers

  • Crimson Vial heals for 50% in PvP
  • Death from Above increases the effect of Envenom, Run Through and Eviscerate by 25% (down from 50%)
  • Nightstalker increases ability damage by 25% in PvP (down from 50%)

Spell Multipliers

  • Rupture deals 75% damage in PvP
  • Blood of the Assassinated increases rupture damage by 30% in PvP (down from 100%)

Stat Template

  • Primary: 85%
  • Haste: 125%
  • Versatility: 50%
  • Critical Strike: 125%

Spell Multipliers

  • Eviscerate deals 75% damage in PvP
  • Shadowstrike deals 70% damage in PvP
  • Finality has 60% of its effect in PvP