Legion Vengeance demon hunter

Very likely these will change as we get more experience with demon hunters. This build focuses on flag carrying and team fights for RBGs. When choosing talents I went with the following priority:

  1. Mobility
  2. AoE damage
  3. Damage
  4. Survivability

These stats do not include changes due to the PvP modifiers.


Tier 99: Agonizing Flames empowers Immolation Aura to increase your movement speed by 30%, and deals 50% increased damage. This will also increase healing if you have the Charred Warblades artifact trait.

Tier 100: Burning Alive will spread Fiery Brand to nearby targets. Maybe, Feast of Souls to increase healing received from Soul Cleave. Fallout empowers Immolation Aura’s initial burst to have a chance to shatter Lesser Soul Fragments from enemies. All three seem solid.

Tier 102: Felblade for 15-yard charge (15 sec cd) and dealing 560% fury damage. generating 30 fury in addition to the damage. Shear has a chance to reset cooldown.

Tier 104: Feed the Demon to reduce the cooldown on Demon Spikes or Soul Rendering for 50% Leech when Metamorphosis is active. 

Tier 106: Quickened Sigils due to high movement.

Tier 108: Fel Devastation (1 min cd, 20 yd range) to deal damage to enemies in front of you and gain heals from that damage. Spirit Bomb may be better in large team fights.

Tier 110: Last Resort (3 min cd) will transform you into Metamorphosis from if you sustain fatal damage and return you to 30% health. Soul Barrier looks like a solid option. This is a shield barrier that can’t be fully depleted. It will always have a minimum absorption amount. Excess healing from Fragments will increase the absorption amount.

PVP talents

Row 1: Relentless to reduce the duration of incoming crowd control effects by 25%.

Row 2: Tormentor reduces the range of Torment but increases the damage taken by the target by 20% for six seconds. Your melee attacks refresh the duration.

Row 3: Rain of Chaos increases the range of Infernal Strike by 10 yards and adds an additional charge.

Row 4: Eye of Leotheras. How about this one? Hit Eye of Leotheras when a caster attacks you and they will take 4% of their health in shadow damage for every spell. Each spell resets the duration. For example, standing in a mages orb might actually kill the mage.

Row 5: Everlasting Hunt for increased movement speed. Cleansed by Flame to empower Immolation Aura to dispel magic effects. Probably Cleansed by Flame.

Row 6: Demonic Trample allows you to enter Metamorphosis every 30 seconds and gains 200% increased speed for 7 seconds, knocking every enemy in your path and dealing physical damage. Can’t be snared, but you can’t use your normal attacks.

Artifact Weapon

Here’s a path to increase survivability. Go the other direction to increase damage.

Damage priority

Priority for RBGs, assuming you will usually have multiple targets around you.

  • Soul Cleave with at least 60 plus Pain if you’re missing health (e.g., <80%)
  • Immolation Aura on cooldown
  • Spirit Bomb, if talented, to maintain Fraility debuff on targets
  • Torment on cooldown, with Tormentor honor talent, to increase damage by 20%
  • Sigil of Flame on cooldown
  • Fiery Brand on high DPS enemy during their offensive cooldowns
    • If you take the Burning Alive talent then use Fiery Brand on cooldown
  • Shear
  • Use Infernal Strike and Felblades for mobility
  • Throw Glaive if out of melee range

Active mitigation

  1. Soul Carver on cooldown to generate Soul Fragments
  2. Soul Cleave
  3. Keep at least one charge of Demon Spikes active
  4. Empower Wards when the casters open up on you
  5. Put Fiery Brand on to a high DPS enemy

Defensive cooldowns

  1. Metamorphosis


So many ways to move across the map:

  1. Double Jump and Glide for many reasons, including flag carrying.
  2. Infernal Strike (20 sec recharge). Taking Rain of Chaos increases it’s range from 30 to 40 yards and number of charges from two to three.
  3. Felblade gives you a 15 yard charge (15 second cooldown). Another good ability for flag carrying.
  4. Vengeful Retreat to vault away from enemies and reduce their speed by 70% for 3 seconds.
  5. Talents such as Felblade and Demonic Trample.

3 thoughts on “Legion Vengeance demon hunter

  1. Day 1 reaction in random BGs: looking good. Usually, top damage TAKEN plus high overall damage. But we’ll see how everything shakes out at 110, with PvP talents, and artifact traits.


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