BattlegroundTargets: organizes the enemy unit frames for easier target switching. Here’s how to set it up.

GET THIS! I am now using the REPorter battleground map. I leave mine open in the bottom right of my screen and can easily see my team locations and who is in combat. It includes icons to call incoming enemy players.

Healers Have To Die

LiteAssist (not for healers): allows you to select the target caller and see who they’re attacking.


An alternative to Recount with some interesting additional features. For example, if I’m the target caller in a RBG I use the Target Caller addin to see who puts the most damage into the same target that I am. Time Attack lets you set specific time frames for testing on training dummies.

DBM – PvP Mods

A good way to track final score estimation, node timers and many other key events.


Class Announcer: “When you change target, if the targetted unit is an enemy player, the addon will announce the class of that player. Can be useful in battlegrounds as quick confirmation of a player class without having to look down at the tooltip”.

PvP Tooltips  

Show the PvP stat multipliers on your tooltips.


Allows you to create talent profiles and use 1 button to switch between them.

Ted’s SpellTimers 

Audio and visual display of target’s defensive cooldowns.