Hit what the target caller hits

Macro for casters (DPS and healers)

Add this line to damage spell macros:

/use [ @ targettarget , harm , exists ] [@target] SpellName

If you target our target caller, then this line will automatically attack the proper target. If you choose to target a different enemy then this line has no effect.

Healers should add this to their damage spell macro.


If you don’t like to create your own target assist macro and keybinds then the LiteAssist addon can make that easier. It allows you to select the target caller and see who they’re attacking.

Setting up LiteAssist:

  1.  Go to Game Menu and select Key Bindings
  2. Scroll down until you get to the LiteAssist section
  3. Bind a key to set your target as assist (e.g., ctrl-T)
  4. Bind a key to set your mouseover as assist (e.g.,shift-T)
  5. Bind a key to target your assist target (e.g., T)

Before entering battle target your target caller and press ctrl-T. You will get a notification message.

Press T during the fight and you’ll automatically be hitting the correct target. Hit it frequently to make sure. You’re target caller shouldn’t even have to call targets.

You don’t have to use T. Set up any keybind you’d like.

You could also build the following line into a macro to automatically switch.

/click LiteAssistDo

View code:  LITE


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