RBG specification distribution

Based on players with 2400+ rating in RBGs as of 10/18/16. You can check their talent choices, but not their PvP talent choices. Blizzard has promised changes soon to allow that.

Specification % of top player Sample top rated player
Mistweaver monk 19.0% Blakexo
Druid, balance 14.3%
Demon hunter, havoc 11.9% LEGIONSUCKS
Druid, restoration 9.5% VESPERS 
Druid, feral 7.1% Ilovepokemon
Warlock, affliction 4.8% AURELSEKS
Hunter, beast mastery 4.8% CHERNOVAX
Rogue, assassination 4.8% Abn
Warlock, demonology 4.8% SLIPNSLIDE
Warrior, arms 4.8% OMNIVORE
Death knight, frost 2.4% ATLASXD 
Death knight, unholy 2.4% VESQUIATO
Rogue, subtlety 2.4% ROSSMANSWOLE 
Mage, fire 2.4% ASTRANNA
Shaman, elemental 2.4% OZZXD

View code: RBGspecs


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