Here’s the link:

“Full feature list:

  • Track all cooldowns of your teammates
  • Support for PvP Trinket. Also handling racials such as Every Man For Himself, Stoneform and WotF
  • Support for spells with charges, such as Survival Instincts, etc
  • Now PAB scans for your teammates’ specs and you can add specific spells for certain specs if you like
  • Only shows spec-based cooldowns once they’re actually used to avoid clutter on your screen
  • You can also specify Spell ID so PAB will correctly detect the right icon to display
  • Attach cooldown frames to original Blizzard raid frames. It will detect the position correctly, no matter in what order it is displayed
  • Show your own cooldowns
  • Grow left/right, so you can place cooldown frames to the left side or right side from party unitframes
  • Show tooltips
  • Removed cooldown synching via addon messages, as it was causing some issues – might be re-added in the future”