PvP Developers Q&A

Video and notes from ArenaJunkies:


– Leveling via PvP will be buffed

– Developers are still undecided on Solo Queue for PvP

One of the many things they’re concerned about for Solo Queue is there is a lot more DPS than healers.


– In 7.2 players can melt their gear acquired from PvP at the Obliterium forge and turn it into a currency to purchase different PvP gear

– Bonus rolls will be added for the weekly rated gear rewards

– Certain PvP mounts such as Vicous and Battleground mounts will now be account wide, Gladiator mounts remain character bound

– For Legion Season 3 you’ll be able to purchase Legion Season 1 and 2 gear from the vendor

– Developers don’t like how complicated the stat differences are in PvP and PvE currently



– Stat templates might be added to duels, but not in 7.2


Rated Battlegrounds

– Developers see Balance Druids and Mistweavers as a problem in RBGs when competitive teams are looking to find 3 Mistweavers + 5 Balance Druids per team


Title Rewards

– Blizzard is working on ways to be more transparent about title ranges


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