1. One person, usually a tank, is the “anchor” for your team. Don’t push ahead of them. They will often be on the flag at a base.
  2. DPS casters should pair up with a healer and stay near them for a few reasons:
    1. Lots of specs have damage spells with that will jump to nearby targets (e.g, MM hunters). Healers can have this spread damage break them out of crowd control effects.
    2. If they attack the healer, then the DPS can crowd control the attacker.
    3. If they attack the DPS, then the healer can easily heal their caster and CC the attacker.
    4. In both cases, this attacker will likely become your team’s kill target.
  3. Casters should set up near obstacles that can be used to line of sight (LOS) the enemy casters. Stay just in range of your “anchor”. Run inside of buildings and behind walls when you’re taking lots of damage. This also might drag enemy melee out of sight of their healers making them easier to kill.
    1. For example, at waterworks casters and healers should be next to the buildings. You can target over-extended enemy or healer the melee spinning the flag while being “LOS” from their casters near the water. The following image shows how caster and healers standing near the healing debuff hut can also target anything at the flag.
  4. Waterworls LOS