Rogue vanish->stealth->insta sap bug

Posted by Kpul in Arena Junkies:

“When you vanish, you get your vanish buff but you arent actually in stealth mode yet.   So when you vanish just hit stealth as if you are reentering stealth and anyone who is in combat with you, as long as you are the only person they are in combat with, will drop combat. and you will be able to sap them

so for anyone new to rogue if you wanna look fly in AB or any flag capping map.   if someone is defending a flag and you blind and try to cap they obviously are going to trinket.. so while they are still near flag you can just vanish > stealth > sap instantly and recap for the finesse cap.”


Stat adjustments for PvP

Here’s the blue post on current stat adjustments for PvP. These can significantly change how your toon performs in PvP as compared to a training dummy.

The PvP Tooltips addon will add this information to your tooltips.

For example, here’s the current adjustments for rogues:

Spell Multipliers

  • Crimson Vial heals for 50% in PvP
  • Death from Above increases the effect of Envenom, Run Through and Eviscerate by 25% (down from 50%)
  • Nightstalker increases ability damage by 25% in PvP (down from 50%)

Spell Multipliers

  • Rupture deals 75% damage in PvP
  • Blood of the Assassinated increases rupture damage by 30% in PvP (down from 100%)

Stat Template

  • Primary: 85%
  • Haste: 125%
  • Versatility: 50%
  • Critical Strike: 125%

Spell Multipliers

  • Eviscerate deals 75% damage in PvP
  • Shadowstrike deals 70% damage in PvP
  • Finality has 60% of its effect in PvP


Diminishing returns

Basically, diminishing returns occur when you use the same basic type of crowd control (CC) over and over again against the same target. For example, I can sap a target for 6 seconds. If I sap it again or a shaman uses hex when that sap expires, it will only last for 3 seconds. Sap and hex share the same CC type and shouldn’t be used right after one another.

Manaflask has a good list of crowd controls that share diminishing returns. It’s organized by the basic types:

  1. Roots
  2. Silences
  3. Stuns
  4. Incapacitates
  5. Knockbacks
  6. Disorients

If you look at that list carefully it will give you an idea of why some 3s comps work better than others. Having CCs that share the same diminishing returns (DR) limits your ability to chain CC. For example, RMD (rogue, mage, druid) can kidney shot, into a cyclone and into a polymorph. That’s 18 seconds of crowd control if that focus target doesn’t trinket or have another out.

I used to use the Last Second Diminishing Returns addon to track when I can use my CC on a focus target. I now use TellMeWhen for that. But you don’t really need either. Once you use your CC on a focus target expect that your teammates will continue the chain. Once that is over you will likely not have to worry about DR for our next CC.

Another way to do that is to keep rotating targets. Mage/druid comps often just rotate their CCs onto two targets.