RBG comp

This Skill-Capped article, Ideal Comp for RBGs, recommends the following composition:

1-2 Balance Druids
1-2 Affliction Warlocks
1-2 Havoc Demon Hunters
1-2 Frost DKs
1 Assassination Rogue
2-3 Mistweaver Monks
Remaining slots filled with Core/Good specs

  • Marksmanship hunter
  • Restoration druid
  • Elemental shaman

The article highlights reasons for these choices.


RBG specification distribution

Based on players with 2400+ rating in RBGs as of 10/18/16. You can check their talent choices, but not their PvP talent choices. Blizzard has promised changes soon to allow that.

Specification % of top player Sample top rated player
Mistweaver monk 19.0% Blakexo
Druid, balance 14.3%
Demon hunter, havoc 11.9% LEGIONSUCKS
Druid, restoration 9.5% VESPERS 
Druid, feral 7.1% Ilovepokemon
Warlock, affliction 4.8% AURELSEKS
Hunter, beast mastery 4.8% CHERNOVAX
Rogue, assassination 4.8% Abn
Warlock, demonology 4.8% SLIPNSLIDE
Warrior, arms 4.8% OMNIVORE
Death knight, frost 2.4% ATLASXD 
Death knight, unholy 2.4% VESQUIATO
Rogue, subtlety 2.4% ROSSMANSWOLE 
Mage, fire 2.4% ASTRANNA
Shaman, elemental 2.4% OZZXD

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RBG Team Composition

Here’s the link to a Skill-Capped article on the “ideal” composition.

Guess what? Our “red group” team really doesn’t match up. But just last night we easily won Deepwind Gorge with a strategy that would maximize the value of this type of composition. Here’s what we did at center mine:

  1. We only had melee on that center island near the flag.
  2. We had all of the healers and casters behind us and just in range of the flag.
  3. We paired up our healers with a caster that would help peel for each other.
  4. We would only attack enemy players that overextended and tried to cap the flag or get behind our melee and attack our casters.
  5. We normally weren’t targeting healers. Instead, we were draining their mana by putting big damage into their overextended DPS.
  6. Once they were low on mana we then extended and killed their DPS.
  7. Boring for me defending the flag but a very effective strategy.

We used similar positioning in other battlegrounds very effectively, including Twin Peaks.

3v3 Arena Comps

Here’s a link to one list of top tier comps.

A good comp usually has the following:

  1. Silence
  2. Offensive magic dispels (e.g., Purge)
  3. Healing debuff (e.g., Mortal Wounds) or armor reduction
  4. Plus 3 different types of crowd controls that can be “chained” every 30 seconds. The first chain forces the trinket or defensives. The second chain comes in before their defensives are back up again. Here’re the three types:
    1. Stun
    2. Incapacitate
    3. Disorient

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