Team comps

Here’s what we normally see.

PvP Spec Weaknesses

Target calling

A simplified approach to target calling in team fights

Bigmoran’s guide to target calling

FoxyHippo #1   FoxyHippo #2   FoxyHippo #3

Applying damage to the same target

How to hit what the target caller is hitting

Creating a chain of crowd controls

How to simplify when to apply a crowd control

Staying alive



  1. If you die, make sure to group up with your teammates before getting back into battle.
  2. A healer with low mana can intentionally die in order resurrect with full mana. An “oom” healer is nearly useless.

Spin the flag

Spinning the flag

Run, Forrest, Run: Flag carrying

  1. Be able to cover the map quickly. Demon hunters do this the best.
  2. If the enemy is defending their flag, then call for help, group up, then go in and get the flag. The enemy will be short-handed trying to get your flag.
  3. Tell your team where you are at all times. See individual battleground strategies for additional details.
  4. If you’re in trouble and they’re wiping your team then consider going to your graveyard. That way, you don’t have to wait for them to run back to you.
  5. Don’t stand in the open. Make sure you can use obstacles to avoid damage from casters.
  6. If you’re running with a group, make sure you position yourself behind your team and opposite the main group of attackers. This means you might not be running to your base. You might actually be going backwards a bit.

Long periods of boredom, interspersed with moments of pure adrenaline: base defense

  1. #1 rule: Don’t stand near the flag. Otherwise, a rogue will chain CCs on you and cap the flag. Stand ~20 yards away and they will need to run back to the flag after the CC. This gives you time to get out of the CC and stop them from capping the flag.
  2. Classes with pets make the best base defenders, their pets can stop the cap. Other good base sitters include demon hunters, stealthies, retribution paladins, and hunters.
  3. DO NOT trinket a rogue’s sap.
  4. Call out how many are attacking to allow your team to send the correct number to help. You can also use the REPorter addon to call numbers. In the meantime, you can use your crowd controls to slow down their attempt until help arrives.
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