Mistweaver monk guide: Victor’s Sanctum



Legion Vengeance demon hunter

Very likely these will change as we get more experience with demon hunters. This build focuses on flag carrying and team fights for RBGs. When choosing talents I went with the following priority:

  1. Mobility
  2. AoE damage
  3. Damage
  4. Survivability

These stats do not include changes due to the PvP modifiers.


Tier 99: Agonizing Flames empowers Immolation Aura to increase your movement speed by 30%, and deals 50% increased damage. This will also increase healing if you have the Charred Warblades artifact trait.

Tier 100: Burning Alive will spread Fiery Brand to nearby targets. Maybe, Feast of Souls to increase healing received from Soul Cleave. Fallout empowers Immolation Aura’s initial burst to have a chance to shatter Lesser Soul Fragments from enemies. All three seem solid.

Tier 102: Felblade for 15-yard charge (15 sec cd) and dealing 560% fury damage. generating 30 fury in addition to the damage. Shear has a chance to reset cooldown.

Tier 104: Feed the Demon to reduce the cooldown on Demon Spikes or Soul Rendering for 50% Leech when Metamorphosis is active. 

Tier 106: Quickened Sigils due to high movement.

Tier 108: Fel Devastation (1 min cd, 20 yd range) to deal damage to enemies in front of you and gain heals from that damage. Spirit Bomb may be better in large team fights.

Tier 110: Last Resort (3 min cd) will transform you into Metamorphosis from if you sustain fatal damage and return you to 30% health. Soul Barrier looks like a solid option. This is a shield barrier that can’t be fully depleted. It will always have a minimum absorption amount. Excess healing from Fragments will increase the absorption amount.

PVP talents

Row 1: Relentless to reduce the duration of incoming crowd control effects by 25%.

Row 2: Tormentor reduces the range of Torment but increases the damage taken by the target by 20% for six seconds. Your melee attacks refresh the duration.

Row 3: Rain of Chaos increases the range of Infernal Strike by 10 yards and adds an additional charge.

Row 4: Eye of Leotheras. How about this one? Hit Eye of Leotheras when a caster attacks you and they will take 4% of their health in shadow damage for every spell. Each spell resets the duration. For example, standing in a mages orb might actually kill the mage.

Row 5: Everlasting Hunt for increased movement speed. Cleansed by Flame to empower Immolation Aura to dispel magic effects. Probably Cleansed by Flame.

Row 6: Demonic Trample allows you to enter Metamorphosis every 30 seconds and gains 200% increased speed for 7 seconds, knocking every enemy in your path and dealing physical damage. Can’t be snared, but you can’t use your normal attacks.

Artifact Weapon

Here’s a path to increase survivability. Go the other direction to increase damage.

Damage priority

Priority for RBGs, assuming you will usually have multiple targets around you.

  • Soul Cleave with at least 60 plus Pain if you’re missing health (e.g., <80%)
  • Immolation Aura on cooldown
  • Spirit Bomb, if talented, to maintain Fraility debuff on targets
  • Torment on cooldown, with Tormentor honor talent, to increase damage by 20%
  • Sigil of Flame on cooldown
  • Fiery Brand on high DPS enemy during their offensive cooldowns
    • If you take the Burning Alive talent then use Fiery Brand on cooldown
  • Shear
  • Use Infernal Strike and Felblades for mobility
  • Throw Glaive if out of melee range

Active mitigation

  1. Soul Carver on cooldown to generate Soul Fragments
  2. Soul Cleave
  3. Keep at least one charge of Demon Spikes active
  4. Empower Wards when the casters open up on you
  5. Put Fiery Brand on to a high DPS enemy

Defensive cooldowns

  1. Metamorphosis


So many ways to move across the map:

  1. Double Jump and Glide for many reasons, including flag carrying.
  2. Infernal Strike (20 sec recharge). Taking Rain of Chaos increases it’s range from 30 to 40 yards and number of charges from two to three.
  3. Felblade gives you a 15 yard charge (15 second cooldown). Another good ability for flag carrying.
  4. Vengeful Retreat to vault away from enemies and reduce their speed by 70% for 3 seconds.
  5. Talents such as Felblade and Demonic Trample.

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Legion subtlety rogue: long dance build

PvP Talents

Building around Phantom Assassin in row 6 of the Honor Talents seems to provide a lot of uptime for Shadow Dance.

Here’s Phantom Assassin:

  • Increases duration of Shadow Dance by 3 seconds
  • Automatically trigger Symbols of Death when you enter stealth, including Shadow Dance

Row 1: Gladiator’s Medallion, if you have Every Man for Himself  (EMFH). Use EMFH for stuns. Otherwise, consider Relentless since it will reduce the duration of all crowd control by 25%. The orc racial further improves that to 45%.

Row 2: Reinforced Armor to increase your maximum health by 10% since it will increase the value of your healing while in stealth, including Shadow Dance. Sparring if you’re facing a mostly melee group.

Row 3: Cut to the Chase to catch your enemy and stop fast (e.g., demon hunter) enemy flag carriers.

Row 4: Shadow’s Caress increases your cooldown recovery by 30% when in stealth. This build will have you in stealth a lot. But all three seem viable depending on the situation. Honor Among Thieves may be best in RBGs if you’re in the team fight most of the time. Haven’t been using Smoke Bomb, though I wish I had it for a few attempted kills on EFCs.

Row 5: All look viable. I’m starting with Cold Blood. Cheap Shot or Shadow Strike will take 10% of the target’s total health. Like Honor Among Thieves, Dagger in the Dark may be best if you’re in the team fight. Haven’t tried Veil of Midnight, which gives a 100% dodge for 2 seconds after leaving stealth, including Shadow Dance. But I spend 59% of my fight time in Shadow Dance so I’m not sure I want to give up the ~500k hits from Cold Blood.


Tier 15: Master of Subtlety gives 10% extra damage in stealth and for 6 seconds afterward.

Tier 30: I’m going with Subterfuge for the extra 2 seconds of Shadow Dance and 3 seconds of stealth abilities afterward. With Vigor you won’t be energy starved.

Tier 45: Need lots of energy for this build, so going with Vigor for 50 more base Energy and faster regeneration. Subtlety rogues tend to be energy starved.

Tier 60: I had been running Elusiveness even with the 40% reduction in PvP. But it costs 35 energy. In a 1-minute fight, Soothing Darkness, which heals you while in stealth, would heal me for 60% of my total health. That’s ~1.6 million mitigated. If I’m facing 150k dps for 1 minute, and keep Elusiveness up the whole time, I’m spending 420 energy in order to mitigate essentially the same amount. Going Soothing Darkness now.

Tier 75: Prey on the Weak

Tier 90: Premeditation for the extra combo point from your opener.

Tier 100: Master of Shadows to gain 30 energy every time you go into stealth or use Shadow Dance.  Death from Above only increases damage by 25% in PvP, down from 50% in PvE.

Overall Priority

  1. Get into Stealth
  2. If you have a choice, target specs that hate rogues the most
    1. DPS casters > healers > melee
      1. Easier to kill a DPS caster and cc the healer than vice-versa
    2. Set a focus target, usually a healer, but sometimes a high dps
      1. Prioritize kidney shot for focus target, Cheap Shot for kill target
  3. I typically save Vanish for when I’m in danger of dying, plus I macro it with Cloak of Shadows so I can stay in stealth. Not necessary if your healer keeps you dispelled.

Damage Spell Priority

Single Target

  1. Primary goal is to have lots of energy before Shadow Dance or Shadow Blades
  2. Nightblade at 5 combo points
  3. Shadow Blades, if available. Don’t overlap with Shadow Dance.
  4. Shadow Dance at >= 90 energy and 1 cp
    1. Not only can you Kick casts, you can “kick” using Cheap Shot during Shadow Dance
  5. Shadowstrike at < 5 combo points
  6. Goremaw’s Bite during Shadow Dance
  7. Eviscerate at 5 combo points
  8. Shadow Blades if 0 combo points and >= 100 energy, don’t use Shadow Dance during blades
  9. Backstab


  1. Replace Shadowstrike with Shuriken Storm during Shadow Dance for a 200% damage increase.


Here’s a link to the first 16 ranks I’m planning to select

Legion Havoc demon hunter

Very likely these will change as we get more experience with demon hunters. This build focuses on RBGs, including being the flag carrier.


Basic approach: stun the target multiple times to make the target immune to further stuns. Every 35 seconds, use Fel Eruption against this target to hit for 2,400% of attack power. Yes, you read that right.

Tier 99: Fel Mastery increases Fel Rush damage by 50% plus grants 25 Fury if you hit a target.

Tier 100: Prepared reduces the cooldown of Vengeful Retreat to 15 seconds and allows you to assault nearby enemies for 100% physical damage, vault away and reduce their movement speed by 70% for 3 seconds.

Tier 102: Felblade for 15-yard charge (15 sec cd) and generating 30 fury in addition to the damage.Demon’s Bite has a chance to reset cooldown.

Tier 104: Netherwalk for a 100% movement speed increase and immunity for damage for 5 seconds. 

Tier 106: Momentum works well with Fel Rush and Vengeful Retreat. These two abilities will then increase your damage by 20% for 4 seconds.

Fel Eruption (20 yd range, 35-second cd) stuns the target for 2 seconds and inflicts 1,200% of attack power damage. This increases to 2,400% if the target is fully immune to stuns.

Nemesis increases damage by 20% (recent buff) for 1 minute with a 2-minute cooldown.

I’m thinking Momentum in this tier.

Tier 108: Demon Reborn allows Metamorphosis to reset the cooldowns of Eye Beam (50 fury, 20 yd range, 45 sec cd, 550% of attack power), Chaos Nova (30 fury, 5 sec stun of nearby enemies, 1 min cd) and Blur (increase dodge chance by 50%, reduce all damage by 35% for 10 seconds, 1 min cd). Used in conjunction with the Awaken the Demon Within Talent.

Alternatively, Master of the Glaive with the Rushing Vault PvP talent.

Tier 110: Chaos Blades (2 min cd) increases damage for 12 seconds and increases auto-attack damage by 200%.

PVP talents

How about this one? Hit Eye of Leotheras when a caster attacks you and they will take 4% of their health in shadow damage for every spell. Each spell resets the duration. For example, standing in a mages orb might actually kill the mage.

Row 1: Gladiator’s Medallion for an arena, Relentless for RBGs.

Row 2: You’re squishy. Correction: VERY squishy. Take Reinforced Armor for 10% increased health. Sparring against melee teams.

Row 3: Cover of Darkness increases the chance by 50% that you and your allies will avoid damage while within your Darkness (8 yd radius cloak for 8 seconds) effect.

Row 4: Eye of Leotheras (see above)

Row 5: Awaken the Demon Within (1 min cd): See details above.

Row 6: Mana Break will deal 1% additional damage for every 2% of missing mana of your target. Might be very good way to finish off a healer in long fights. If you feel your squishy take Rain from Above for escapes. Otherwise, Detainment turns Imprison into a Cyclone with a 10-second cooldown.

Damage priority

  1. Eye Beam if multiple targets
  2. Chaos Strike with >60 fury
  3. Blade Dance if multiple targets
  4. Demon’s Bite. If you take Demon Blades in Tier 100 this talent replaces Demon’s Bite and is part of your auto-attack. Good for generating fury without using a gcd.
  5. Throw Glaive if you’re out of range

Other things I found interesting:

  • Consume Magic is an interrupt with a 20 yard range and a 15 second cooldown. A successful interrupt generates 50 Fury.
  • Double Jump and Glide for many reasons, including flag carrying.
  • Fel Rush gives you two charges with a 10 second recharge. Another good ability for flag carrying.
  • Spectral Sight allows you to see enemies through barriers and stealthies for 10 seconds every 30 seconds.


Legion protection warrior build

I’m concerned about rage generation. From abilities, only Charge, Shield Slam, and Revenge generate rage. Otherwise, you need take damage to generate rage, unless you take the Rage Machine talent. Smart teams will kite you and avoid attacking you as long as possible. This could be a problem in an arena. Since you’re likely to get attacked in RBGs, it’s possible you’ll be a killing machine.

Haste looks like the primary stat. For PvP, Versatility probably trumps Mastery. Mastery is defensive, Versatility helps both defensive and damage.

PvP Talents

Build focuses on increasing the damage of Shield Slam and improving uptime on your target. Rage generation might be a problem. Smart teams will kite you.

Row 1:Relentless might be a good alternative in RBGs to Gladiator’s Medallion since you can get hit by crowd control effects so often.

Row 2: Take Oppressor to have Taunt increase your damage by 20% for 6 seconds. Melee attack refreshes the duration.

Row 3: Sword and Board increase the critical strike chance of Devastate by 30%. The big deal is the 20% damage increase for Shield Slam when Shield Block is active.

Row 4: Rage Machine: non-periodic attacks, even pets, generate rage. That’s right, you want to Taunt pets to attack you if you’re rage starved. I don’t think you have any other option in this row. Without it, you’re likely to be rage starved.

Row 5: Morale Killer reduces the cooldown of Demoralizing Shout by 30 seconds down to one (1) minute. This reduces damage done to all party members by 20% for 8 seconds. Combine this with the Booming Voice talent (Tier 90) and Demoralizing Shout generates 50 rage and increases damage to affected targets by 20%.

Row 6: Dragon Charge at high speed to do 75k damage to enemies in front of you and knock them back. Actually, it appears to knock them in multiple directions.


Tier 15: Normally, I’d say Shockwave if you’re able to regularly hit 3 or more targets; otherwise choose Storm Bolt. However, Warbringer will empower Intercept to do three times as much damage as Shockwave and twice as often. A good way to peel for your healers.

Tier 30:Impending Victory gives you a 15% heal every 30 seconds. But since you’re unlikely to be a primary target I’m leaning towards the other two. If peeling for your healers, Safeguard transfers 20% of damage taken by your Intercept target to you. If you take Warbringer,  you’ll need to decide whether to Intercept to your ally for the damage mitigation or to the enemy for the increased damage.

For RBGs, Inspiring Presence causes your allies (not you) to heal themselves for 3% of the damage they deal.

Tier 45: Probably Avatar to increase your damage by 20% for 20 seconds (1.5min cd), plus breaks roots and snares to improve your uptime on targets. The other advantage is that it doesn’t require rage for the damage increase.

But Ultimatum might work very well with Vengeance and Heavy Repercussions against single targets. Here’s how that rotation might work:

  1. Focused Rage Icon Focused Rage to increase Shield Slam damage
  2. Shield Block Icon Shield Block to increase Shield Slam damage
  3. Battle Cry Icon Battle Cry
  4. Shield Slam Icon Shield Slam
  5. Revenge Icon Revenge
  6. Focused Rage Icon Focused Rage;  free due to Ultimatum
  7. Devastate Icon Devastate until Shield Slam resets
  8. Shield Slam Icon Shield Slam

For RBGs, Renewed Fury has Ignore Pain (20-60 rage) increasing your damage by 10% for 6 seconds. Assuming that you’ll be taking enough damage to generate lots of rage this talent may give you a near constant 10% damage increase.

Tier 60: Bounding Stride will let you Heroic Leap every 30 seconds.

Crackling Thunder increases the radius of Thunder Clap by 100%. Useful for grouped up team fights.

Tier 75: In random battlegrounds I’m taking a lot of damage. So I’m going with Never Surrender at the moment to double the amount of damage mitigated by Ignore Pain. Also consider Indomitable to increase your health by 25% and effect of Ignore Pain by 25%.

Tier 90: Going to start with Vengeance as described above.

I’ve seen a number of videos where Booming Voice is used to increase the damage of your burst. Morale Killer (PvP talent) decreases Demoralizing Shout cooldown to 1 minute. Booming Voice will have Demoralizing Shout instantly give you 50 rage and increase your damage by 20% for 8 seconds.

Tier 100: Heavy Repercussions empowers Shield Block to increase the damage from you next Shield Slam by 30%.

Maybe Anger Management, particularly since it can help line up the cooldowns of Battle Cry and Avatar.

Here’s a summary of the damage increases for this build:

  • Taunt increases damage by 20%
  • Sword & Board empowers Shield Block to increase Shield Slam damage by 20%
  • Morale Killer plus Booming Voice empowers Demoralizing Shout (1 min cd) to increase damage by 20%
  • Avatar increases damage by 20% (1.5 min cd)
  • Heavy Repercussions empowers Shield Block to increase next Shield Slam damage by 30%

Artifact Weapon

Getting the first 16 ranks of an artifact weapon shouldn’t take too long. Here’s what I thought I would take for those 16 ranks to get started. Mostly focused on increasing damage and getting to the Mass Spell Reflection trait.

Other Things I Found Interesting

  • Shield Slam has a 9 sec cd but Devastate has a greater than 50% chance to reset it.
  • Shield Block has 2 charges with a 13 second recharge. Will be able to use this prior to each Shield Slam.
  • Pummel has a 15 second cd
  • Revenge has a 9 sec cd but dodges and parries may reset it
  • Focused rage increases Shield Slam damage by 20% per each 30 rage and can stack up to three times (+60% total). However, this could leave you rage starved. Your every one minute burst might look something like this. Get rage to 90+, then:
    • Stack Focused Rage to 60% leaving you rage starved
    • Avatar if ready
    • At 20 rage hit Ignore Pain
    • Then Demoralizing Shout for 50 rage and the extra damage
    • Shield Block
    • Battle Cry for guaranteed Shield Slam Crit
    • Shield Slam
    • On to your regular rotation
  • Heroic Leap resets Taunt so you can use it on your target immediately

Legion subtlety rogue:Thief’s bargain build

Sativ video

PvP Talents

Building around Thief’s Bargain in row 6 of the Honor Talents seems to provide gameplay focused on BIG burst out of stealth then getting back to stealth quickly to reset.

Here’s the Thief’s Bargain that you get:

  • 20% increased damage while in stealth
  • LOSING 25% of your maximum health in exchange
  • But you can Vanish every 30 seconds, with Soothing Darkness I find that my survivability is pretty good

So hit hard out of stealth and into Shadow Dance, then stealth and wait for your health and energy to return.

Row 1:In RBGs, I will likely take was taking Relentless due to the number of crowd control effects that might be thrown at you. With the change from a 25% to a 20% reduction, I’m considering using Gladiator’s Medallion. In an arena, Gladiator’s Medallion. Otherwise, something like a polymorph will trigger Adaptation and then you won’t have your trinket when you need to escape.

Row 2: Assuming you’ll often open with full health then Hardiness might be the best choice. Reinforced Armor to increase your maximum health by 10% which in turn increases your self-healing by 10%. Potentially, Sparring against melee teams.

Row 3: Silhouette allows a 15-second cooldown, down from 30 seconds, if you Shadowstep to an ally. Maneuverability in RBGs to  remove movement-impairing effects when you Sprint (e.g., for flag carriers). It also works with an artifact trait to allow you sprint which will then cause you to vanish and allow you to cap a flag in stealth.

Row 4: Shadow’s Caress increases your cooldown recovery by 30% when in stealth. Another good reason to get back into stealth for a quicker burst reset.

Row 5: All look viable. I’m starting with Cold Blood. Cheap Shot or Shadow Strike will take 10% of the target’s total health.


Tier 15: Master of Subtlety gives 10% extra damage in stealth and for 6 seconds afterward. I’m not sure about finisher priorities but here’s my guess (highest to lowest):

  1. Death from Above (Tier 100 talent)battlegrounds.
  2. Nightblade: Does more overall damage than Eviscerate, but it’s spread over time and is dispellable.
  3. Eviscerate

Tier 30: Initially, I thought Nightstalker to make Shadow Strike and Cheap Shot hit harder but the PvP stat multipliers reduced it significantly.  I didn’t need Shadow Focus to avoid being energy starved during Shadow Dance since I go with Vigor. Subterfuge is always a good choice.

Try to open with Cheap Shot (see Tier 75 below).

Tier 45: Going with Vigor for 50 more base Energy and faster regeneration. Subtlety rogues tend to be energy starved, which is another reason you won’t be tunneling a target.

Tier 60: Soothing Darkness which heals you while in stealth, including Shadow Dance. Consider combining with Reinforced Armor for additional self-healing.

Tier 75: Prey on the Weak for 10% extra damage from all sources while your Cheap Shot opener has the target disabled.

Tier 90: Premeditation for the extra combo point from your opener, want to get to 6 combo points in the first 6 seconds in order to maximize Death from Above damage.

Tier 100: All three look viable. I’m starting with Master of Shadows to gain 30 energy every time I go into stealth or use Shadow Dance.

Other Things I Found Interesting

  • Shadow Blades: 3 min cd; 15 seconds of giving an extra combo point from combo point generators. The shadow damage is dispellable.
  • Backstab: can use from any position but damage increases by 30% if behind the target.
  • Can make and use Crimson Vials. Restores 30% of health over 6 seconds.Usable every 30 seconds.
  • Kick has a 15 second cd.
  • Tricks of the Trade is back! Give your ally and yourself 6 seconds of 15% increased damage before coming out of stealth.
  • Shadow Strike allows you to “step” to a target within 25 yards.
  • Symbols of Death: Make sure to refresh. Lasts 35 seconds and increases your damage by 20%. Also, it makes your next Shadow Strike an automatic critical strike.
  • Shadow Dance is now 3 seconds of stealth abilities. You get 3 charges with a 1-minute recharge.
  • Blind still has a short 15-yard range.

Unique class/spec features

Here’s a few key things about rogues that make them useful:

  1. You can continue to damage a target that has been hit by a rogue with Cheap Shot and Kidney Shot. Many CCs will break on damage.
  2. With Nerve Strike, their CCs also decrease the damage and healing that the target can do
  3. With Prey on the Weak, their CCs increase the damage taken by the target, that’s why you want to target what the rogue is attacking.
  4. In other words, a rogue wants to do as many CCs as possible, including getting restealths whenever possible. Healers can help by dispelling them so they can leave combat.
  5. Rogues, along with hunters and warriors (not prot), will be your primary class for applying the healing debuff on the target. Other classes really can’t or aren’t good at that.
  6. A class that can burst right away on the opener rather than waiting for ramp up time. It’s why they work very well with mages.

Please comment with tips about your class/spec.