CHAOS BOLTS – Destruction Warlock PvP WoW Legion 7.2.5

via CHAOS BOLTS – Destruction Warlock PvP WoW Legion 7.2.5 – YouTube


Nearing extinction, useful ArenaJunkies post sighted: demo locks take notice

How to play demo

im 2,6k mmr in 2s and 2,4k mmr in 3s atm

– u basically dot all players

– use darkglare on cd and empower it

– use hand of ghuldan at 4 shards and empower it

– and if u have spare time where u dont fear cast shadow bolt

– when u got melees on u dont let them interupt u on hand but cast dreadstalkers instead first

– if u get interupted on anything but hand just cast hand to get more imps


1) get 5 shards and axe toss target

2) call fellord on him / if u dont have use dreadstalkers later

3) sacrifice 2nd felguard on him

4) infernal him

5) darkglare out

6) empower

7) thakkiels consumption (artefact) for 800k+

play fellord vs anything but caster cleaves // observer vs caster and in rbg // master summoner+imp dreads vs mages in 2s to counter kiting

when ppl kite out of sight always cast demonwrath while moving / keep empower ur pets”

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