• Targeting: If you don’t target the same thing, might as well just give up.
  • Do what the strategy caller says, even if it’s a bad idea.
  • Positioning:
    1. Group up, don’t run in by yourself
    2. Do not push past your team’s “anchor”. For example, a tank that is spinning flag. Basic position is anchor with DPS behind them and then healers slightly behind the DPS casters. Our target caller will focus on enemy that overextend past our anchor.
  • Base maps (Arathi Basin, Battle for Gilneas, even Eye of the Storm)
    1. DO NOT take more bases than you need to win (AB: 3, BfG: 2, EoTS: 3)
    2. Once you get your bases, leave a DPS and a healer to defend each, everyone else finds a spot to “float” equidistant from each base. You then respond to each attack from there. Offer to stay and defend, don’t make your strategy caller do it.
    3. If your stealth teammate is going to a base, DO NOT go along with them. That defeats the entire purpose of surprise.
    4. Eye of the Storm
      1. Two choices: 1) take 3 bases and ignore mid and flag or 2) take 2 bases and run flag
      2. If you have 3 bases, DO NOT go to mid or go for flag. You can have a rogue slow their flag carrier.
  • Flag capture maps (Warsong Gulch, Twin Peaks)
    1. DO NOT fight in mid unless you’re escorting a slow flag carrier or attacking their healers.
      1. Once our FC gets to base and their healers are away from the EFC then get in position to defend at our base or attack their EFC (if you’re part of the kill team).
    2. Attack the EFC in our base or their base, not in the middle.
      1. Your first goal will be to defend our FC and kill any attackers.
        1. Then move towards their graveyard and wipe them again.
        2. Then go and kill the EFC.
      2. If the EFC has reached their base and has healers with them your goal is to wait for a minimum of 5, preferably 7, stacks and then attack the EFC directly. Start your attack, as a group, once the enemy is about to engage our FC.
        • Use 3 high burst DPS to attack the EFC, everyone else defends (unless you happen to be closer to attack).
    3. Our initial FC will be someone fast to get back to our base quickly (e.g., DH).