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How to RBG

Addons to consider


Nice to have

  • Don’t Cast: an add-on for people like me that can’t see damage reduction buffs
  • TidyPlates plus Threat Plates: I use these to turn friendly player nameplates to black, making them easier to see. I also make the target nameplate bigger and add emphasis so I can pick them out of a crowd. Here’s the link to where you can download my folder.
  • Shadowed Unit Frames: here’s the link to my folder
  • TellMeWhen: similar to WeakAuras. It just happens to be the one I use.
  • DBM – PvP ModsA good way to track final score estimation, node timers and many other key events.
  • Details! An alternative to Recount with some interesting additional features. For example, if I’m the target caller in a RBG I use the Target Caller addin to see who puts the most damage into the same target that I am. Time Attack lets you set specific time frames for testing on training dummies.
  • LiteAssist: DPS need to be maximizing their time hitting the same target. This addon makes it a lot easier
    • Setting up LiteAssist:
      • Go to Game Menu and select Key Bindings
      • Scroll down until you get to the LiteAssist section
      • Bind a key to set your target as assist (e.g., shift-F)
      • Bind a key to set your mouseover as assist (e.g., ctrl-F)
      • Bind a key to target your assist target (e.g., F)
      • Before entering battle target your target caller and press shift-F. You will get a notification message.
      • Press F during the fight and you’ll automatically be hitting the correct target.
      • You don’t have to use F. Set up any keybind you’d like.
  • PvP Tooltips  Show the PvP stat multipliers on your tooltips.
  • Talent Set Manager

User Interface

Artifact power

  • Only the first rank of Concordance of the Legionfall works instanced PvP. You don’t have to worry about getting further ranks of Concordance to keep up.

PvP Gear

  • PvE set bonuses, relics and trinket buffs DO NOT WORK PvP. Therefore, pick the gear piece with the highest ilvl.
  • Gear stats DO NOT MATTER. When you enter a RBG, your character will be given a preset stat template.
  • Each average ilvl point above 800 will increase each stat an additional 0.1% increase. So getting your ilvl to 900 will increase your stats by 10%.
  • Make sure to obliterate PvP gear you don’t need for Echoes of Battle. Use them to purchase 930 ilvl gear tokens from Marshal Frazer(Alliance) or Violet Shadowmend (Horde).
  • Gearing up for Argus. Guest post by Kestrel. I would have missed this information otherwise.  Many thanks!
    • On Argus, there is going to be a new currency that gives 910 gear. so best to get WQs unlocked. You only have to unlock WQs on one toon to get it for your whole account.
    •  If you’re doing BGs or warden towers (make sure you watch those warden towers as they sometimes offer glad pieces of gear) be sure to obliterate any extra PVP gear you don’t need. Currently; combatant pieces give 1 echo of battle where glad gives 15. When you reach 100, go and turn them in for a gear token as the gear tokens from turning in 100 echoes are about 15 item levels better than the stuff you get from warden towers.
    • The last thing is the nether crucible. Blizzard has stated the tiers 2 and 3 of the crucible WILL NOT function in instanced PVP. However, the tier one nether crucible will give each of your slotted relics a +5 item level boost and that WILL apply to the principles of War buff.
    • Now one last thing about the nether crucible is: it’s an account wide unlock so you only have to do it once. Pick your favourite toon and get to it.

Prestige levels

  • Each new Prestige level you reach provides an award such as toys, mounts, or titles.